This painting of a glass of water is thirst-inducingly realistic – Gigglebit

14 May 2015

Like a mirage of an oasis to the thirsty desert wanderer, this glass of water sitting on a sheet of white paper looks good enough to drink, and yet would prove totally elusive if you tried to pick it up.

That’s because this is not a glass a water, but a painting by artist Stefan Pabst.

By sketching out the image, adding some convincing shadows, and then cutting the page around the rim of the image, Padst creates a super realistic 3D image that looks good enough to drink.

Click below to see how the German did it, and check out his YouTube page for tips and more samples of his work, including a painting of a cap that appears to be levitating off the table!

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Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic