Viral videos: Ronnie Pickering and Edward ‘Scissorhands’ Snowden

2 Oct 2015

This week in viral videos, the world finds out who in the hell Ronnie Pickering is, and a news presenter completely fails to realise that a contributor is defending Edward ‘Scissorhands’ Snowden.

I’m Ronnie Pickering!

We’re starting off with a beauty this week as a cyclist in England’s east coast city of Hull came face-to-face with a man claiming to be a legend, that being, the one and only Ronnie Pickering.

Like all viral sensations, poor Ronnie is now in hiding as he attempts to come to terms with his newfound fame and claiming that he’s actually a nice guy.

Although from the video where the motorcyclist is being threatened by him you would be reluctant to agree with him.

Either way, you can now buy t-shirts with his name and watch dozens of other spin-off videos that have gone viral in themselves.

So the next time you have an argument with a cyclist (or driver), just keep shtum.

Uploaded: 24 September 2015

Pick up lines around the world

With this thing called the internet, it seems that the days of the pick-up line are numbered across the world.

No longer do people pass them on by word-of-mouth as one that has a higher chance of success than others as now that they are all online, women, in particular, know the rubbish lines before the person can even say it to them.

This is further compounded by the line uttered by the man from New Delhi that references terrorists and bombs. Oh dear.

The internet may have changed how people chat up each other these days, but at least the lines remain terrible.

Uploaded: 30 September 2015

Edward ‘Scissorhands’ Snowden

Do you ever get the feeling that someone is talking to you but not listening to what you have to say?

On the American channel HLN, the host of the news programme, Yasmin Vossoughian, invited on a man called Jon Hendren to talk about Edward Snowden joining Twitter.

Given his actions, some elements of the American media and government aren’t too pleased with him revealing matters of public interest, which was the basis of the discussion that the two were going to have.

But, alas, Hendren wanted to talk about another Edward, Edward Scissorhands, and yet Vossoughian clearly wasn’t paying attention.

Brilliant stuff.

Uploaded: 30 September 2015

Xylophone of the forest, Hokkaido

If a wooden ball rolls down an enormous wooden xylophone in a forest, does anyone hear it?

Well, in this case, we certainly do. Back in 2011, a Japanese advertising agency decided to launch a new phone with a rather unusual campaign that saw the construction of a giant wooden xylophone in the forests of Hokkaido, Japan.

For those with an ear for classical music, the music being made by the ball rolling down the 413 wooden bars is Bach’s Cantata 147 (“Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”).

It’s oddly hypnotic.

Uploaded: 01 October 2015

Zimbabwean preacher ‘walks on air’

There are no words for how stupid this video is. In fact, it appears that followers of the ‘prophet’ Shepherd Bushiri in Zimbabwe need to have The Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again blasted at them during the next sermon.

Apparently coming to us from News 24 Zimbabwe TV, the preacher appears to be more concerned with pulling off magic tricks and proving he’s some holy deity in his mansion, by saying god is making him fly.

Speaking afterwards, he has been quoted as saying: “It’s so unfortunate that some people are quicker to believe in a magician’s miracle than in God’s miracle.

“[I] am not proving anything, [I] am just showing you that God is able and He is performing miracles through his chosen ones. Attack a small miracle, I will pray to God that He makes me perform something even greater than what you have attacked.”

Look at the damn shoulder pads!

Uploaded: 21 September 2015

Everything wrong with trendy restaurants

They’re an easy target, but trendy restaurants and their ridiculous attitudes to how we want to consume food is rather funny.

Thankfully, the guys over at College Humor have taken some of the worst aspects of it and put it into a video for us all to laugh at.

The terrible table:plates ratio; the uneven amount of food for a sharing dish and constructing your own meals are all there.

Uploaded: 29 September 2015

Slow Mo Guys do jelly tennis

Gav and Dan from the Slow Mo Guys like doing stuff and then recording it in slow-motion.

This week, they take jelly (or jello in the US) and hit it with tennis rackets.

Guess where jelly worms really come from?

Uploaded: 30 September 2015

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Edward Scissorhands doll image via Hina Ichigo/Flickr

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic