Santa tracker Google Doodle shows us elves are awesome coders

23 Dec 2015

There’s only two sleeps left before the jolly man from Lapland delivers his presents to the children of the world and, to help kids track him, Google has brought us a fun new Doodle.

Today’s Santa tracker Google Doodle shows us the North Pole’s build up to Christmas Eve, taking in every day’s preparations since 1 December in an advent calendar of rather adorable animations.

As we see in the Doodle today, the elves and Santa are in the final stages of preparation, but, what’s this, a bug in the system?

Well, thankfully Santa’s team of coding elves is on hand to save the day with their own coding language – made up of trees, Santa hats and baubles – which gets Santa back on track for the big take-off countdown.

So far this week, we’ve had the chance to do some online colouring-in of elves and play a memory match game, as well as getting a chance to see the North Pole’s mission control, if it had signed a deal with Google to get access to its equipment.

But arguably the best Google offering so far this December has been the Google map quiz on 17 December, which will appeal to some budding cartographers.

As for Santa trackers, well, traditionally we have been reliant on the US North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracker to help us find where Santa is at any given time.

The NORAD tracker is as traditional as they come, having been around for 60 years now, and now they have teamed up with Microsoft to offer a rather similar service to Google’s.

Yes, even around Christmas time, Silicon Valley likes to duke it out on the internet. Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

Google Doodle

Santa and his reindeer image via Shutterstock

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic