Sassy Siri not playing ball with iPhone 6s details

28 Aug 2015

Apple’s big event on 9 September is expected to include the launch of the iPhone 6s, the follow up to the immensely successful iPhone 6. But if you want early information, Siri’s not willing to play ball.

Advertised as ‘Hey Siri, give us a hint’, Apple’s event could include Apple Watch, Apple TV or any range of IoT technology, but if you ask Siri for a hint, all you get is sass.

Sassy Siri iPhone 6S Sassy Siri Apple iPhone 6S Sassy Siri Apple iPhone 6S Sassy Siri Apple iPhone 6S Apple iPhone 6S

The future of the iPad is something we’re particularly interested in as, despite it completely dominating the tablet market, it is an area in decline. That hasn’t stopped Apple investing in it anyway, though.

Surprising figures were recently released by IDC, showing the Apple Watch a distant second to the Fitbit in the wearables market in Q2 of 2015.

Despite the hype, the Apple Watch has struggled to overcome the might of Fitbit in the increasingly competitive market.

This report is the first to feature the Apple Watch among those on the market and, despite doing better than almost all of the wearables out there, it still can’t beat Fitbit to the top spot.

According to its figures, Apple shipped 3.6m units of the Apple Watch in Q2 2015, which isn’t too far off Fitbit, which shipped 4.4m during the same period.

Some leaks surrounding the new iPhone 6s show a reinforced body constructed from stronger 7000 Series aluminium.

The button on the device will be replaced by a force-touch keypad, the new devices will also boast the A9 processor, 2Gb of RAM and a new camera.

As we reported yesterday, it seems likely that iOS 9 details will be revealed, with Siri’s role perhaps spreading over onto Apple TV.

We’ll find out on Wednesday week.

Until then, we’ll just have to  wait.

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic