‘No Wi-Fi, forced to socialise’ and more five-word scary stories from Twitter

29 Oct 2015

Can you bear to read Twitter’s best #ScaryStoryIn5Words tweets? Image via Shutterstock

Twitter users have been getting into the Halloween spirit with the hashtag #ScaryStoryIn5Words, striking fear into readers using only a handful of the available 140 characters.

These epigrams of terror were sparked off by a request for scary stories by Comedy Central’s @Midnight game show for its regular segment, #HashtagWars.

Host Chris Hardwick challenged the show’s guests – director Kevin Smith, podcasting luminary Scott Aukerman and The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman – to come up with some scary short stories of their own last Monday night.

During the #HashtagWars, viewer participation is encouraged, with the best tweets getting a shoutout from the @Midnight Twitter account, while one tweet is plucked from the whole bunch for a special mention on the show.

As Twitter trends have a way of doing, the #ScaryStoryIn5Words hashtag escaped the confines of the @Midnight fanbase and ran wild across Twitter, keeping its momentum even after the show had aired. We’ve even had some chilling Irish examples.

Some stories dealt with tragic circumstances.

Others were more… intimate.

But the best (or should I say, worst!) of these scary stories will haunt you forever.

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Scary image via Shutterstock

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