#Scientistherdnames: A gaggle, group or murder?

4 Feb 2016

A murder of crows, probably plotting a murder

Collective nouns are always fun to discover. For example, you may know that it’s a pack of dogs, but did you know emus come in mobs? #Scientistherdnames takes this to a whole new level.

What is #scientistherdnames? Well, for every school of fish, there’s a murder of crows. And, quite wonderfully, for every pod of dolphins there’s a crash of rinoceroses.

But what of the scientific world, what of researchers, what of academics? Consisting of its own array of groups, each similar yet distinct, what do we call biologists, astronomers and physicists?

Well luckily for us, today has seen #scientistherdnames trend on Twitter and some of them are magnificent in their obvious simplicity.


More and more great ideas are popping up by the minute, so if you have any suggestions why not throw them up on Twitter.

Murder of crows via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic