Shark attacks and other terrifying tales from the deep

15 Oct 2016

Perhaps some aspects of nature are best left alone. Image: Andrea Izzotti/Shutterstock

This week the world was mesmerised by the close call a diver had when a great white shark broke into his safety cage. Seriously people, just stay away from sharks.

One of the hottest trending videos in a long while has to be the video of one of the most dangerous predators on Earth accidentally breaking into a diver’s cage.

The video notched up close to 8m views and counting on YouTube.

Future Human

The giant predator was after plunging for a tuna bait.

Luckily for the man inside, he escaped unharmed.

However, the sharp-toothed fish itself sustained injuries after getting trapped in the cage and then breaking free.

Perhaps this is nature’s way of telling us to leave some things well enough alone.

Either way, this is not the first close scrape divers have had with marauding predators from the deep.

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