Shot by a taser gun, on bare skin, in super slow motion (video)

12 Sep 2015

Slow Mo Guys shoot a taser gun at someone’s back, via YouTube

The Slow Mo Guys are wonderful entertainment, although their latest experiment – tasering a guy – looks really, really sore.

The Slow Mo Guys have continuously made entertaining short videos of simple, mundane things slowed down to what seems like a standstill.

In the past they have shattered CDs at 170,000fps, zapped bugs, lit matches and even put a 6ft-man in a giant 6ft water balloon, filling it until it burst.

For their most recent project, though, they headed to the US – Scottsdale, Arizona to be more accurate – to watch the immense pain a person goes through when shot by a taser.

The slow motion replay of the discharge is pretty interesting, actually, with dozens of little bits of what look like confetti sprawling out.

It turns out these tiny, colourful dots are identically branded, to help discover which taser gun was shot, if ever there’s a mystery.

The impact on human skin looks incredibly sore, but it’s the short, rapid ripple-effect that really stands out.

As a bonus, here is that giant water balloon task they undertook a few weeks ago. It’s brilliant.

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic