Memes and GIFs for a St Patrick’s Day laugh

16 Mar 2016

Happy St Patrick's Day to all. Image via Olivier Juneau /

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, begorrah, so it is.

Sorry. But, indeed, tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, the celebration of Ireland’s patron saint and a national holiday on our fair isle.

Of course, St Patrick’s Day is not only celebrated in Ireland but around the world, sometimes by people whose connections to Ireland could be described as tenuous at best.



There have also been criticisms of the holiday that it perpetuates the stereotype of the drunk, potato-eating Irishman that annoys a lot of people.




Though, as we all know, nothing annoys Irish people more than Americans referring to Paddy’s Day as Patty’s Day. Seriously, stop that.

However, at Silicon Republic, we figure there’s no point taking it all too seriously, so we’ll let the Americans have their green beer and questionable Irish connections, and we’ll just put together some funny memes and videos to keep you entertained on this national holiday.

Starting, as it happens, with this video of Irish people trying American St Patrick’s Day snacks, which are a thing, apparently. Spoiler alert: they’re green.

And, while we’re not a fan of stereotypes, it’s true this cat may be representative of how some people will spend tomorrow.

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While this little guy is just having a great time.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

If you are anywhere outside of Ireland for St Patrick’s Day this year you are almost guaranteed to hear a potato joke.

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And you also might need to school some people on Irish history.

In honor of St Patrick’s Day…

And if people ask you about what Ireland gave the world, point out to them that, among many, many, many other things, Michael Fassbender is one of ours.

As a german during St. Patrick’s Day


If you’re lucky enough to be in our lovely country tomorrow, then this timelapse video from last St Patrick’s Day will tell you whether you think Dublin’s tourist district of Temple Bar is the place to be or the place to avoid tomorrow.

Temple bar St. Patrick’s Day Timelapse

Although, if you are in Dublin tomorrow and want to avoid the cliches (and the drinking) maybe you should check out some of these sci-tech hotspots in the city instead.

And, for a wider-ranging look at what Ireland has to offer beyond pubs and Paddy’s Day parades, maybe check out this drone photography of our west coast or take a virtual tour and find out more about the Easter Rising 1916.

Also, check out this video that Failte Ireland made a couple of years ago that shows Ireland in a pretty light.

So, Happy St Patrick’s Day all, but, just remember, good as it is, there’s more to Ireland than just pints of the black stuff!


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