Star Wars brings out another trailer, the internet explodes

17 Apr 2015

So Star Wars just brought out its second teaser trailer for the new Force Awakens movie, and with that Twitter went into meltdown. But it’s ok, Chewie’s back!

It’s perhaps the movie franchise with the most loyal followers – wait, is One Direction a franchise? – and they’re out in force now that more footage is on the market.

In the new trailer we see a glimpse of Chewie, knocking around with Harrison Ford like old times. There’s lasers, space, all the hits.

And it’s just enough for everyone to lose their mind.

First up, here are two trailer responses. One featuring Matthew McConaughey’s incredibly emotional reaction.

Then there’s the ever-brilliant Lego variant.

A few memes poking fun at the new lightsaber:

And here are some tweets:












Space spiral photo, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic