Star Wars, memes and 10 social media gems

5 May 2015

May the Fourth (be with you) is a pun’d date that every Star Wars fan adheres to. Why? Nobody cares. But the social media fallout this year was pretty good.

Yesterday’s Star Wars celebrations were as emphatic as they were entirely restricted to the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

While the rest of the world got on with life (eating sandwiches, meeting friends and family, walking the dog)Star Wars enthusiasts – of which there are a few – spent the day creating funny memes, jokes and pictures to celebrate a date now weirdly owned by supporters of the George Lucas masterpiece.

We liked some of what we saw, and thought some of the terrible jokes were so awful that we should share them. So enjoy this geeky, sometimes great/sometimes atrocious, Star Wars-based humour from the web.

FYI, there are a lot of incest jokes out there, which I bumped for a hologram of Tupac Shakur.

Jawas movie poster

Empire State Building Strikes Back against King Kong

Ewokie Talkies

Storm Trooper with regrets

It's a Von Trapp

Love in Alderaan places

Tupac and the Jedi masters

Storm Troopers having existential crisis

Luke and Vader on take your son to work day


Star Wars image, via Shutterstock


Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic