Steve Jobs trailer makes Apple corporate world look rather exciting

1 Jul 2015

In our first real glimpse of Michael Fassbender as the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the first official trailer for the film shows with serious dramatic effect the life of one of tech’s biggest icons.

Our first glimpse of the Irishman as Jobs was back in May with the publishing of the first teaser trailer for the film directed by Danny Boyle with a screenplay by the legendary Aaron Sorkin, but now it looks as if the corporate world of Apple was one dramatic affair during his reign.

From our first glance, at least, it doesn’t appear to pull any punches of Jobs’ up-and-down nature during his time at the company until his untimely death, and also doesn’t try to hide the religious-like devotion the company enjoys from fans.

It also appears that Fassbender will be channelling two different familiar characters from famous films during the three different stages of Jobs’ life that are covered – the release of the Macintosh, his move to NeXT and the launch of the Mac – appearing to be similar to American Psycho’s Patrick Bateman and then The Truman Show’s Christof.

All-in-all, it looks like it will be a rather popular film when it is released on 9 October.

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic