Super Mario Bros celebrated with Google Easter egg

14 Sep 2015

Super Mario Bros is now 30 years old and, to celebrate, Google has hidden a nice little Easter egg for fans to find.

Google is constantly burying Easter eggs in plain site for users to discover, with some more notable than others.

Time is key, so often they’re in celebration of something. Like this latest gimmick, exactly three decades since Super Mario Bros entered our lives.

Go to a Google search page and type in ‘Super Mario Bros’, where you will see an old coin box, the same as that which featured throughout the 1985 game.

If you click on it, the old ‘di-ding’ noise chirps, with 100 clicks garnering a 1UP, which is only fair.

Super Mario Bros. and Pac Man

It’s not the first retro game to be showcased on the search page, with a full Pac Man game adorning it back in April.

What was better was that the game adapted to the city map of your choice.

There doesn’t seem to be a playable Super Mario Bros variant anywhere, unfortunately, but I guess it’s nice to have such a key part of many of our childhoods referenced for all to see.

In the spirit of portly plumbers, here’s a live performance of the game.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic