Tech and love: no #sextregrets (infographic)

14 Feb 2014

For the day that’s in it, whether you’re loved up or a lonely heart, technology offers the opportunity to melt hearts or make a total mess of things. According to McAfee, 49pc of us have sent or received intimate content, such as texts or photos.

A study by security firm McAfee shows that a number of adults share private details about their lives, including those of an intimate nature, such as nude photos and sexts – all of this on unsecured digital devices. Now, that’s just asking for a social scandal.

Some 27pc of us still don’t secure our mobile devices with a basic personal identification number (PIN) or passcode. And 38pc of us have shared our PIN or passcode with our significant other. That puts those individuals at risk for cyberstalking, identity theft and leakage of intimate data.

Just as bad, 30pc have admitted to cyberstalking or following their significant others’ exes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and 15pc have admitted to tracking their significant others’ movements on their social media accounts.

Some 73pc have changed their passwords post-breakup.


Breakups image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years