The 7 memes of the Brazil vs Germany World Cup apocalypse

9 Jul 2014

Last night at the Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte, we didn’t see the sky turn black and rivers run with blood, but we did bear witness to the end of days for Brazil during Germany’s 7-1 annihilation.

Last night’s semi-final match between Brazil and Germany was the most tweeted-about single sports game ever in Twitter’s history and the topic continues to trend today on the social network.

Around the world, the online community united in shock and awe as goal after goal rocketed past Júlio César, sharing their reactions online. Commenters were generating memes as quickly as Germany was ratcheting up goals and, by the end, there was only one word to describe this match: apocalyptic.

1. Challenge accepted

At 11 minutes into the game, Germany’s goal from Thomas Müller made it clear they were not afraid to take on the host nation and former favourites to win the tournament.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

2. That awkward moment when Miroslav Klose breaks a Brazilian-held record on Brazilian soil while humiliating Brazil

That’s right, with a second goal in the back of the net 23 minutes into the first half, Germany’s Miroslav Klose became the World Cup’s top goal-scorer ever – a record previously held by Brazilian superstar Ronaldo.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

3. The self-fulfilling prophecy

Almost immediately after Klose’s goal, Toni Kroos slipped another past Brazil’s weakening defence. It was becoming clear: the World Cup logo had foreseen this result.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

4. There is no God

Kroos scored yet again two minutes later. Even Christ the Redeemer had forsaken Brazil at this point.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

5. Garth Brooks

Five goals in less than 30 minutes – an unprecedented scoreline – drew comparisons with five cancelled nights in Dublin’s Croke Park. The signs of the apocalypse were aligning.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

6. Fatality

By the time the second half got into full swing, viewers lay any sympathy they held for the host team by the wayside in favour of more goals. Baying for blood from the merciless German squad, we were rewarded with two goals from substitute André Schürrle.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

7. You tried

Finally, in the 90th minute, Oscar nets one for the Brazil side. But it was far too little, far too late, and barely a consolation for the heartbroken Brazilian fans.

Brazil vs Germany World Cup memes

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