The art of working in an Apple store, while not an Apple employee (video)

26 Mar 2015

What happens when trouble-makers pose as Apple store employees? A lot of recommendations for Microsoft, that’s what.

The four pranksters behind Nelk Filmz had a pretty good idea recently, donning fake Apple store blue t-shirts – their Apple logo was really, really big – and approaching bemused customers to offer pearls of wisdom on the devices on offer.

“Honestly? I wouldn’t get an iPhone,” says one ‘employee’. “Maybe get a Microsoft, or like a Samsung. I know I work here and I should be selling it, but who are we lying to, dude?”

The surprised customer heeds the advice, and walks out of the store.

This happens again and again as more and more customers hear how “iPad Airs are so bad” in comparison to Microsoft’s tablets. “Apple… it just looks so weird.”

Eventually the pranksters are found out, when real staff spot something not quite right about their outfit, attitude and advice. And so, they each theatrically quit, encouraging customers to follow them out the door.

And buy Microsoft, of course.

Just so you know, there’s the odd not-safe-for-work reference hidden within.

Apple store image, via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic