There’s a Random Austerity Measure Generator, obviously

17 Jul 2015

A used to be for Aardvark but now, it seems, it’s for austerity. Europe is rich with austerity, which is odd wording perhaps, but not as odd as this wonderful new online service called Random Austerity Measure Generator.

The site is dark, bleak, austere. There are but two options therein. You can like the page on Facebook, or you can dive straight in and generate an austerity measure.

Billions of computations go into each measure, it seems.

While a measure is established you get a sneak peak into the world of EU leaders, as Angela Merkel looks down from in front of an EU and Greek flag.

Policies that delay the decision on your austerity measure – like bank closures, poor taxes, coups, drinking and pretending to care – all whizz by before you find out what the future holds for your country.

Austerity measure generator 2-Random-austerity-measure-generator-closing-banks 3-Random-austerity-measure-generator-poor-tax 4-Random-austerity-measure-generator-care 5-Random-austerity-measure-generator-drinking-beer

Will your leader be forced to listen to Justin Bieber, while on drugs?

Austerity measure - Justin Bieber

Will your omelettes come with less eggs?

Austerity measure Omelette

Will the weather be forced to change?

Austerity measure Rain

Only one way to find out.

Main image via Shutterstock

Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic