#OnTinderAtTinder is the internet’s new favourite joke

27 Jan 2016

Seems like the internet is done making fun of Netflix viewers who invite you over to chill, and the new target is Tinder’s best-face-forward profile pics versus Tinder users in real life.

With Valetine’s Day on the horizon, lonely hearts will probably start flooding Tinder looking for a date.

Tinder profiles are all about selling your dating eligibility to a prospective partner, all within the speck of time it takes to swipe.

Of course, a personally curated profile will only give you a glimpse of a person’s best side. The photos and aspects of their personality they want you to see in order to deem them attractive. This practice of profile preening can lead to real-life dates where a Tinder-ella turns out to be a Tinder-hella-no.

Armed with this knowledge, Someecards twice put out a call to Tinder users last week, asking them to share their carefully selected profile pic plus a selfie of what they actually look like when browsing the dating app.

The response resulted in the #OnTinderAtTinder hashtag, comparing Tinder users on their profile versus more candid shots.

Turns out, lots of Tinder users browse in bed.

And there’s a key difference between Catwoman and a cat woman.

And then there’s this classic danger of online dating.

Like all good trends, Someecards’ suggested share quickly declined into parody.

Some familiar faces appeared.

Some even spotted a prime marketing opportunity.

And, as of yesterday, Fox News took it mainstream on Red Eye, a daily chat show.

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