Trending Euro 2016 videos show the best of the Irish fans

25 Jun 2016

Their charming behaviour during Euro 2016 confirms what we all know: Ireland fans are the best thing since sliced bread

Euro 2016 will be remembered not only for Robbie Brady’s dramatic goal against Italy but for the heart-warming conduct of the Irish fans.

If Carlsberg did football fans – they would be Irish ones, both Republic and Northern Ireland.

The electric atmosphere in the stands as the Republic of Ireland won against Italy, the sight of grown men overcome with emotion, and normally statue-still police joining in the dancing and fun with the fans showed that wherever they went, the Irish fans made friends.

It’s no surprise therefore that the top trending videos on YouTube this week feature the exemplary and engaging behaviour of Irish football fans.

So here are the top trending videos, featuring Irish football fans in France.

Lullaby for a French baby on a Bordeaux train

Here the Irish fans sing a lullaby to a baby on a train in Bordeaux. Good grief, the saccharine sweeness of it all! Bless them all the same. This video clocked up 1.8m views.

The singalong under the bridge

Despite their drubbing 3-0 by Belgium, nothing could dampen the fans’ spirits. This video of Irish fans having a singalong in Bordeaux under a bridge achieved almost 1.6m views on YouTube and counting.

Serenading a French girl

Who says the Irish aren’t romantic? This video of hundreds of Ireland fans serenading a French woman achieved some 2.3m views on YouTube.

Chanting with Croatia fans

Having the craic, Irish fans and Croatian fans got into the spirit of things.

Panel beating, Irish style

When they are not changing tyres for elderly people on French streets, Ireland’s prowess at football is only surpassed by the nation’s panel beating skills. Here fans who dented the roof of a French vehicle fix it automatically. Some 1.4m views and counting.

Expressing love for the police

Yes, the love for the police during Euro 2016 has been mighty and, when the Irish fans weren’t serenading nuns or babies, the French police were the target of their affection.

Changing a flat tyre, because that’s what we do

The kindly nature of the Irish fan was apparent when a French couple in a predicament were given a helping hand.

That balcony scene

Even locals high up on balconies weren’t immune to the fans’ roguish charms.

The best of the Irish

In fact, there are so many great moments featuring Irish fans – including a great ABBA singalong with Swedish fans – that this compendium by Orton Images captures the spirit perfectly.

Irish fan image via Shutterstock

John Kennedy is a journalist who served as editor of Silicon Republic for 17 years