10 rampaging turkeys that are fed up with your Thanksgiving dinner plans

24 Nov 2015

Pro-tip: Don’t invite a turkey to Thanksgiving dinner. Photo via Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Thanksgiving is just around the corner – and the turkeys are revolting.

It’s that time of year when our readers in the US are preparing for a Thanksgiving feast. Think of it as a practice Christmas dinner, if you will, but with all-American accoutrements such as cranberry sauce and candied yams.

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The star of the show – for the carnivorous Thanksgiving diners – will be the turkey. In fact, according to Mental Floss, the average American eats around 7kg of turkey per year, and you can bet that most of that is split between Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

So, naturally, the turkeys aren’t too happy with your Thanksgiving plans. And, let’s face it, these giant birds are basically tiny velociraptors. We really shouldn’t be messing with them.

turkey attack gif 

turkey pecking gif

They have no respect for the law.

Or the government (in this case, represented by a postal worker).

They hate the media.

They even hate sports!

So, if you see a suspicious turkey hanging around this Thanksgiving…


… retreat!

The revolt is upon us.


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Thanksgiving turkey image by Everett Collection via Shutterstock

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