Tweeted Love is the music video you need to see

24 Jul 2015

A random perusal of YouTube found us a masterpiece. Better still, a masterpiece that includes a homemade video that rivals the internationally-acclaimed music upon which it sits.

The beauty of the widespread cocktail of people influencing the internet means that on an almost hourly basis, if you look hard enough, you can discover an absolute gem of an idea.

Sometimes it’s a ‘How To’ tutorial on things like opening coconuts, sometimes it’s merely relaxing images. Other times it’s a crossover between 1980s pop songs and viral social media.

Funny music video

For the latter of the above, we give you Tweeted Love, a wonderful idea executed to perfection.

Within this video – which plays over Soft Cell’s classic 1981 cover of Tainted Love –uploader jimjarno puts up a relentless array of images of Twitter profiles that can phonetically (almost) play as the lyrics.

It’s great.


Oh, as a bonus funny music video, here’s Facebook doing Dancing Queen…

Main image via Shutterstock

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Gordon Hunt was a journalist with Silicon Republic