Viral videos of the week: a moonwalking armadillo and some sure-footed goats

23 Feb 2014

Still from 'Chèvres en équilibre - goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon' by Max Murs on YouTube

We take a look at some of the most-viewed and most-shared videos on the web. This week features two very different versions of a Disney theme song, a Pharrell Williams mash-up, an armadillo with Michael Jackson’s moves and goats with excellent poise.

About 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, 500 years of video watched on Facebook every day, and more than 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute, ensuring there is always video trending on the web.

With so much video available for viewing, we take a look at some of the viral videos that have caught our eye this week.

‘Let It Go’ – Africanised tribal cover

The biggest trending video this week by a country mile (which equates to about 17m views) is this version of ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s latest animated hit Frozen. A young Lexi Walker fills the very big shoes of Idina Menzel and she’s backed up by singer Alex Boyé and the One Voice Children’s Choir. From the sets to the singing, this is one perfect cover of a song that’s almost a dead cert to win an Oscar next weekend.


Uploaded: 13 February 2014

Cristina Bianco’s ‘Let It Go’

Didn’t like the cute kids and tribal singing? How about a ‘Let It Go’ cover by Adele, Alanis Morissette, Céline Dion, Barbra Streisand, Julie Andrews and Britney Spears? Well, it’s really just Cristina Bianco, but close your eyes and you’d think there was a crowd of singing starlets on stage with her.


Uploaded: 13 February 2014

Chèvres en équilibre

Okay, enough about YouTube’s obssession with ‘Let It Go’ and on to another viral fascination: goats. In just a few days, over 6m users viewed this clip of goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon, which is oddly hypnotic.


Uploaded: 17 February 2014

Gophers’ Kiss Cam

The Kiss Cam, if you’re unfamiliar, is a camera that scans the crowd at sports events during some down-time, scouting for couples who are then expected – nay, obliged – to kiss. But, sometimes, that guy-girl pairing it lands on won’t be the kissing kind and, in that case, it helps to send the right signal.


Uploaded: 17 February 2014

Meshuggah: Face of Wall Street

Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah might not be to everyone’s taste, but about 2m YouTube viewers have enjoyed this superbly apt soundtrack to raucous scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street. Not to mention Leonardo DiCaprio’s perfect metal frontman face.


Uploaded: 16 February 2014

Pharrell mash-up by Pomplamoose

From one mash-up to another, here we have a medley of hitmaker Pharrell Williams’ top tunes of the moment coupled with a creative video from Pomplamoose, who create special effects using only a projector and some white foam board. This is low-budget music video-making at its absolute best.


Uploaded: 18 February 2014

Dillo Jean

As this video’s description explains, the uploader discovered an armadillo gathering leaves and “did what any reasonable human being would do”, which is film it and add a Michael Jackson soundtrack, of course!


Uploaded: 17 February 2014

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Elaine Burke is the host of For Tech’s Sake, a co-production from Silicon Republic and The HeadStuff Podcast Network. She was previously the editor of Silicon Republic.