Viral videos of the week: Cats and dogs, ukuleles and cruise ships

18 May 2014

In typical viral video fashion, a cat makes up one of this week’s entries, along with arguably the best ukulele cover ever and a real-life Wolverine.

About 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, 500 years of video watched on Facebook every day, and more than 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute, ensuring there is always video trending on the web.

With so much video available for viewing, we take a look at some of the viral videos that have caught our eye this week.

‘Hero’ cat saves boy from dog attack

More renowned for their selfishness and lack of interest in their owners, one cat bucked the trend this week as CCTV footage caught in tape a dog deciding to attack a small child on a bike unprovoked and, amazingly, the boy’s cat Tara ran straight to the Jeremy’s rescue and chased off the dog.

In a follow up interview with the family, Tara definitely did not appear to enjoy sitting in one place, maybe she couldn’t handle all the attention…You can almost hear the laughter of every cat owner ever at that thought.


Uploaded: 14 May 2014

Dog ‘catches’ treat

To bring a bit of balance to the discussion, dogs are not all bad as a result. As this footage clearly shows, some are still just loveably-stupid as Taylor Alexander Stephens’ dog Nana faces the eternal sturggle of trying to catch a dog treat in its mouth.

The definition of insanity comes to mind when watching but Nana’s determination gets her there in the end.


Uploaded: 11 May 2014

Slayer – War Ensemble (ukulele cover)

Hipsters love ukuleles as much as Zooey Deschanel riding a fixi-bike in a polka dot dress carrying a vinyl record player over her shoulder, but this incredible ukulele cover of the song War Ensemble by Slayer is so good that you would have to ask why the instrument hasn’t been adopted by Slayer sooner.

Rob Scallon, who produces and stars in the video, does his best heavy metal impression with some good heavy metal hair trashing.


Uploaded: 12 May 2014

Real Wolverine claws

Don’t say you haven’t thought what it would be like to have some bad-ass extendable hand claws like Wolverine from X-Men.

Well now one demented engineer has decided that dreams can no longer be a reality. Maniacally laughing his whole way through the video which might make the local police slightly nervous, Colin Furze created a totally functioning set of claws that shoot out using compressed air, but can also retract at will.

While not built with adamantium like the fictional character, Furze even went as far to make the blades electrically charged so they can spark.

Uploaded: 15 May 2014

Cruise ship plays Seven Nation Army

Quite self-explanatory this one, but the sight of a cruise ship pulling into Hamburg’s main harbour playing the White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army is somewhat menacing yet awesome.

Uploaded: 10 May 2014

Could Godzilla exist?

Nothing beats the promotion of a good science fiction film than a scientific contribution that states in no uncertain terms could the proposed event even conceivably happen with our current understandings of science. Step forward Godzilla which, having launched this week in cinemas with much fanfare, has been asked by Vsauce whether a Godzilla creature could actually be possible?

Uploaded: 15 May 2014

Republican Joe Garcia excavates his ear for treasure

Poor Republican Joe Garcia got a little distracted during a recent House Judiciary Committee in the US and allowed his little finger to navigate its way to his ear to try and locate some potential buried treasure in his ear.

After rummaging around for a while, he obviously found something worth his while as he decided to forget about the fact he is on national television and proceeded to eat it.


Uploaded: 13 May 2014

Asking a girl out with her own advice

Sometimes when people give out advice, they usually forget to mention that what they say will work will not necessarily work on them.

Step forward Freddy of Freddyfairhair who decided to walk up to random women and ask them for a little advice on how to ask a girl out. Little do they know that his colleague is waiting right around the corner about to ask them the exact same question.

Uploaded: 13 May 2014

Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic