Viral videos of the week: Joys of Irish food, stumbling goat and birthday hedgehog

13 Jul 2014

We take a look at some of the most-viewed and most-shared videos on the web. This week features Americans eating Irish food, a stumbling goat and birthday hedgehog.

About 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, 500 years of video watched on Facebook every day, and more than 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter each minute, ensuring there is always video trending on the web.

With so much video available for viewing, we take a look at some of the viral videos that have caught our eye this week.

Americans eating Irish foods

I think as Irish people rather familiar, and often defensive, of our quirks when it comes to food, this video may prove offensive.

In it, Americans are presented with what is supposed to be Irish food and asked what they think of it, but they go about it all wrong.

Northern Irish Tayto? That’s not cheese and onion? Mikado knock-offs? ‘Blood puddings’?

Either way, the most interesting comment from all of them is when they’re presented with the news that the black spotted discs they just ate are largely made from blood, one intrigued participant asks, “is it human blood?” There you have it folks, we’re cannibals.


Uploaded: 09 July 2014

Leaked Star Wars Episode VII Filmset Footage!

Ok, so not quite leaked footage of the next Star Wars film but you’d find it hard not to believe that life-size real fighting units of the Imperial Forces are not walking around Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

Thanks to some CG wizardry, YouTuber Frank Wunderlich re-creates some of the most familiar craft from the film series in amazing detail, even down to the sounds and shading effects as the TIE Fighters flie overhead.

If only it were true…


Uploaded: 02 July 2014

Goat on a blow-up chair!

You may have noticed that animal videos don’t really require much explanation. Here a goat disproves the saying “steady as a mountain goat” as it tries with all its might to master its arch nemesis, the blow-up chair.

It even gets right in the face of the camera as if to say, “what have you made me climb?!”


Uploaded: 07 June 2014

Tiny birthday for a tiny hedgehog

From the same people who brought you the hamster eating the tiny burrito (video), here comes a tiny hedgehog enjoying his first birthday party, with cake of course.

The people of HelloDenizen obviously spent a lot of time slaving over the hedgehog’s cake having sourced all the ingredients for the hedgehog and his hamster friends that would ok for them to eat as obviously regular cake would, well, not make it the happiest birthday party for the spiny fellow.


Uploaded: 08 July 2014

Near miss at Barcelona El Prat Airport

True to the airport’s name, someone was like an idiot at Barcelona’s largest airport as a UTair 767-300 incoming from Moscow and an Aerolíneas Argentinas Airbus A340-300 got a little too close for comfort.

Posted on their own airport channel, hardly much relief for the passengers soon expecting to travel through there, the video shows the instant reactions of the Russian pilot and preventing what could have been a major disaster.


Uploaded: 06 July 2014

Germany will win the World Cup in Brazil

The prophetic title of Radio Bayern 3’s video released the day before its showdown with Brazil couldn’t have been timed any better after Germany didn’t so much as trash Brazil 7-1 as destroy them.

Within minutes of the final score, the video, or at least the gif of the video, began to spread online and took part in the most tweeted about sporting event in history.

Deutschland vor!


Uploaded: 07 July 2014

Everyday football fouls

Those watching the World Cup around the world have been rather peeved at some of the players’ frequent diving (we’re looking at you Arjen Robben).

Fourground Films in Canda decided to put together a video looking at what everyday life would be like if we all dived during minor incidents from doing the shopping to bumping into someone in a café.

Watch out for one particular Uruguayan reference which I’m sure none of you could possibly guess what it’s referring to…


Uploaded: 08 July 2014

LEGO: Everything is NOT Awesome

In their latest campaigning video, Greenpeace are using the famous song “Everything Is Awesome” from the LEGO Movie and giving it a bleaker spin.

The video stems from LEGO’s connections with Shell which the environmental organisation is understandably not too happy about which will see a range of LEGO’s blocks and figures feature the Shell branding in what they see as an attempt to make drilling for oil in the Arctic as a much friendlier exercise than they’d have you believe.

LEGO themselves have reacted pretty negatively to the use of its image as a supporter of corporate greed and promptly removed all traces of it from YouTube, aside from Vimeo of course.

Update: Vimeo have now removed the video as well, sadky.

Uploaded: 08 July 2014

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Colm Gorey was a senior journalist with Silicon Republic