World Emoji Day taking the world by ☁️☔️⚡️

17 Jul 2015

? It’s World Emoji Day, apparently, and the internet is both ? and ?, with #WorldEmojiDay trending worldwide at time of publishing.

The concept of World Emoji Day was inspired by the very thing it celebrates. The iOS calendar emoji (?) features the date 17 July and, hence, #WorldEmojiDay was born.

The website seems to be the initiator, urging visitors to celebrate the emojis we use every day.

“Tweet your favourite emoji. Tweet your 50 favourite emojis. There’s only one World Emoji Day, so make the most of it!” greets viewers to the site.

Twitter, of course, has taken the concept and run with it, with some incredibly creative offerings coming in from all corners.

The Royal Ballet company emoji-fies Shakespeare:

The BBC is attempting a spot of rebranding:

The Voice Australia goes two-fold, celebrating emoji and reminding us about Ricky Martin:

Some users of the social media site are even harking back to this clever quiz that was doing the rounds last week:

In honour of the special occasion, here are some of’s headlines from the last few days, reproduced in magnificent emojis for your viewing pleasure:

??? – Handgun-mounted drone as terrifying as it sounds

??????✈️?? – Tech jobs in Ireland draw talent from India

??? – New Pluto photos are pretty amazing

7️⃣???– 7 women in space you need to follow on Twitter

?☕️? – Angry Facebook post about ‘weak tea’ at M&S goes viral

So go forth and emoji! ?✌️??

Emoji image, via Shutterstock

Kirsty Tobin was careers editor at Silicon Republic