Writer live-tweets the worst first date in the world, ever

9 Jul 2015

First dates can be pretty easy to spot. The awkwardness and anxiety in the air is often palpable as two strangers attempt to make enough conversation to fill out an entire evening. Plus, some dudes just look uncomfortable in their best button-down shirt, clearly wrestled out of the back of their wardrobe for such an occasion.

Toronto-based writer Anne Thériault recently stumbled upon a first date while enjoying a coffee in a local café. The guy in this case, however, didn’t appear to be fighting any nerves. Instead, he confidently delivered what is surely the worst-ever first date performance in the world of all time.

Thériault, thankfully, live-tweeted the whole thing, offering singles everywhere some sound guidance on what not to say on that initial meet-up with a potential new flame, including such gems as “People tell me I look like James Franco”, and “I can barely take care of myself let alone a baby”. See the tweets below.




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Dean Van Nguyen was a contributor to Silicon Republic