The latest episode of The Leaders' Room features Qualtrics’ Ireland lead Vicky Godolphin.

The Leaders’ Room podcast features interviews with the country managers of some of Ireland’s leading sci-tech multinationals. It was created in partnership with IDA Ireland.

In the latest episode, host Ann O’Dea chats with Vicky Godolphin, head of customer success for Qualtrics EMEA and lead of the Dublin HQ.

Godolphin talked about her long career, her thoughts on leadership and how AI is changing her industry.

“Being responsible and thinking about the ethics and sustainability of AI and just technology development in general, it’s key that we have transparency, safety and fairness built in,” she said.

“I think, when you’re looking at just even basic use cases of how it can help, we don’t see it replacing humans. We’re not in the replace-humans business.”


Words by Jenny Darmody