Celebrated author and entrepreneur Azeem Azhar says AI is a societal discussion, and technology shouldn’t just be left to the technologists.

Speaking with Siliconrepublic.com at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2019 in Dublin, Azeem Azhar discussed the potential socioeconomic impact of AI.

“The rules that we live by are changing and they are changing because we now get things for free that we used to pay for.”

He continued: “And so, the hardest questions are not are we going to get this widget to be able to do this thing, the questions are what kind of a society do we want to live in, what values do we think are important, and how are we going to implement policies to encourage those values and make sure that they are reflected in society?

“And those are not questions that can be left to machine-learning experts or biochemists, they are the domain of politics and all of us to get involved and have these conversations,” Azhar said.


Words by John Kennedy