Influential brand consultant Alan Siegel was on stage at Inspirefest 2016, where he revealed the three things he immediately looks for when evaluating a brand.

Speaking at Inspirefest 2016 as part of the Design Thinking session, Siegel spoke of his decades in the branding business and how now, as we enter a “disruptive time”, he has found there are three easy ways to evaluate a brand.

The first of these three key markers is whether you have made your message clear or not.

Even if you have created an entirely new brand with a fantastic product, an identity that doesn’t give you a sense of what the product is, or is similar to another, will do you no good.

This, in itself, is broken down into the three ‘clarities’: clarity of purpose, clarity of expression and clarity of experience.

Siegel said that: “Complexity is a thief that must be apprehended. It robs us of time, patience, understanding, money and optimism.”

Words by Colm Gorey