Accenture's Dara Bell talks us through the ALE Lab's dual function as a training facility for graduates and as an innovation space.

The Dock, Accenture’s Dublin-based innovation hub, first opened in 2017 and has hosted a variety of research projects since its inception.

Inside The Dock there are a number of different labs and facilities that are used for various research activities. One such lab is the Accelerated Learning Environment (ALE) Lab.

Recently, visited The Dock to take a look inside the ALE Lab and speak to technology consultant Dara Bell about the facility’s functions.

According to Bell, the ALE Lab’s first purpose is to train university graduates, who work through a six-week long “end-to-end project cycle”. During this project, as Bell explained, the graduates brew a batch of beer and learn about the core concepts of biologics manufacturing, before using that knowledge to work with a mock or example client.

The lab is also used as an innovation space, where clients are brought in to see the end-to-end process of the beer-brewing workflow, which Bell explains “maps very closely to biologics processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing”.

As well as informing us about the work at the ALE Lab, Bell also talked us through what Accenture looks for in new hires, which includes a “willingness to learn and a creative mindset”. Bell added that the company looks for anyone with a life sciences or biologics background (although it’s not essential) as well as anyone with an interest in coding and development.


Words by Colin Ryan