Aoibheann Mangan has already accomplished so much in her 11 years, but she shows no sign of slowing down in her mission to spread the message of STEM far and wide.

A joint European Digital Girl of the Year (11-14 age category), Aoibheann Mangan was the youngest speaker at Inspirefest 2018. Despite her age, she knows what she wants and is passionate about making a change in her community.

For one, she wants to see coding become part of the primary school curriculum.

She also wants to see a collapse of the rural-urban digital divide, so every child gets equal access to vital broadband services. “Is it fair to set the divide in skills from such an early age?”

On top of these and other initiatives, Mangan is also spreading the STEM message to schools across Ireland and Europe, eager for young people to have a platform to develop and showcase their technological prowess and more. “Every girl should have role models in STEM, in sport, in every walk of life.”


Words by Shelly Madden