Avanade’s Graham Healy discusses how companies need to respond, reset and renew to successfully emerge from Covid-19.

Covid-19 has tested companies on their change readiness, resilience and flexibility, effective collaboration and ability to maintain customer service and efficient supply chains.

But moving beyond the pandemic will require even more focus for business leaders. According to Avanade Ireland country manager Graham Healy, an “evergreen mindset” will be vital, as will a willingness to “grab the nettle”.

He added that “keeping your foot on the pedal” and adopting a “no regrets” approach will help businesses take their employees and their customers along the change journey.

“You know, change happens,” Healy said. “It will continue to happen. So we need to anticipate it, monitor it, adapt to it and, ultimately, enjoy it and be willing to embrace the fact that it is ever constant.”


Words by Lisa Ardill