At BioPharma Ambition 2016, biotech leaders discuss digital transformation and the convergence of manufacturing and care.

The inaugural BioPharma Ambition Conference was held in Dublin in September 2016. The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association, BioPharmaChem Ireland and the National Institute for Bioprocessing Research and Training (NIBRT) hosted the multi-platform event at four locations over two days, bringing together international policy leaders, renowned researchers and senior industry personnel.

Chaired by PwC’s Johnathon Marshall, a panel discussion entitled, ‘From lab to bedside in the future: The convergence of manufacturing and care’, discussed digital transformation of the biotech and pharma industries, and the implications for patient care.

Speaking on this panel were Dr Gerard Fox, senior director and head of Calico collaboration at AbbVie; Dr Bernadette Doyle, vice-president of global technical and NPI, global manufacturing and supply at GlaxoSmithKline; Dr Mike Thien, SVP of global technology and commercialisation at MSD; and Prof Charles Cooney, FT Haslam professor of chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

BioPharma Ambition returns to Dublin in February 2018.

Words by Elaine Burke