At NIBRT’s 2017 Careers in Biopharma event, graduates and professionals were optimistic about the future.

The Irish biopharma sector is enjoying a particular high point right now. With a $10bn investment over the last decade and a predicted 8,400 jobs to be added to the sector by 2020, it is, in short, a dream for both employers and professionals.

Earlier this year, NIBRT held its Careers in Biopharma event, bringing the two ends of the recruitment ladder together.

While at the event, we spoke to a number of attendees who were actively seeking work in the biopharma sector, many of whom were moving into it from other areas. Supporting this latter group is one of the reasons NIBRT hosts the Careers in Biopharma event.

In a sector going through such a ‘robust growth phase’, there will no doubt be many more events like this one over the coming years.

Words by Kirsty Tobin