BT managing director of IT Rachel Higham on the journey most firms make to the cloud and how BT aims to be first to market with 5G.

“I think 5G is going to be the big thing this year, certainly for us in BT. We are determined to be first in the UK; we’ve already got our trials out in Canary Wharf and in nine cities across the UK. We’ll start to see city-based deployments; we’ll start to see the first devices in the hands of consumers; we’ll start to see new use cases around mission-critical applications, low-latency applications; and have that start to support IoT and remote surgery, drone-flying etc,” said Rachel Higham in conversation with at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2019 in Dublin.

Prior to joining BT, Higham was Vodafone’s head of cloud and infrastructure.

In this interview, she also spoke about the importance of making STEM gender-neutral.


Words by John Kennedy