BT Ireland chief technology officer Conor Patterson believes communication is one of the most important elements of a CTO’s job.

According to BT’s Conor Patterson, one of the fundamental parts of a CTO role is recognising the changes that have been driven by emerging technologies and how business strategy needs to be underpinned by tech strategy.

“Technology is disrupting industries, it’s disrupting businesses with the emergence of cloud and SaaS. And the adoption of that and the urgency of the C-suite level to be able to drive investments and business cases to underpin the business strategy is at the heart of it,” he said. This, he added, has put the CTO in the front and centre of business strategy.

“A key role is to be able to communicate complex messages based against business strategy, customer journey, customer experience, colleague journey, colleague experience, and also pivot and be able to negotiate the day-to-day highly technical complex delivery cycle that we go through to drive that in a tactical level.”


Words by Jenny Darmody