With an idea that was first sparked three years ago, two Tipperary students became the overall winners of BTYSTE 2023.

19-year-olds Shane O’Connor and Liam Carew took home the trophy at the 2023 BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition for their project examining the impact of second-level education on teenage life and development.

Speaking to SiliconRepublic.com moments after they were announced as the winners, Carew said the pair came up with the idea three years ago.

“We were looking at the varying impacts of second-level education on our peers and on ourselves and there was no real concrete research done in this area so we thought it might be a very interesting area to explore,” he said.

Minister for Education Norma Foley, TD, said it’s a phenomenal achievement not just for the winners but for all the students who participate in the competition.

“It’s phenomenal what young people can achieve when they’re given the opportunity,” she added.


Words by Jenny Darmody