In a fireside chat with, Coinbase’s Daniel Seifert expressed his excitement at the idea of a world without cash.

From crypto assets to blockchain technology, there’s no denying that the financial world as we know it is changing thanks to emerging tech. But is a world without cash really on the horizon?

As part of Future Human, we spoke to Daniel Seifert, vice-president and regional managing director of EMEA at Coinbase, who said he would love to see a cashless society.

“That’s certainly something I’m very interested in. I mean, we already do see it, right? If you go to Sweden, I think there’s rarely any place where they accept cash.”

While Seifert admitted there are certainly barriers and obstacles to overcome if we were to go truly cashless, he added that Sweden could be seen as “role model” in many ways.


Words by Jenny Darmody