Fintech leader Karen Contet Farzam spoke at Inspirefest 2018 about how much of a cashless society China has become and what the future holds.

We’ve all tried to pay for something only to notice a sign that says: ‘We don’t take card.’ But could you imagine walking into a shop and seeing one that says: ‘We don’t take cash’?

That is the future that comes to mind once you listen to fintech leader Karen Contet Farzam, who spoke at Inspirefest 2018 about how close the world has already come to a cashless society, starting with China.

“Today, there are 800m people using internet in China,” she said. “You can no longer lose sight of what is happening in the east.”

With a number of examples, Farzam demonstrated how China has not only become a digital payment-led society, but also the world’s fintech leader.


Words by Jenny Darmody