Ciara Donlon spoke about her entrepreneurial journey at Inspirefest 2018.

When Ciara Donlon took to the Inspirefest stage, she explained how her company, Theya Healthcare, went from an idea to a complete success. “We hit the nail on the head and we did that because we listened.”

It seems like such a simple concept, but the truth is that listening to those who were going to use her product – a lingerie range for women post-surgery – is the core reason Donlon is able to knock competitors out of the water.

“My now competitors are prosthetic companies, so they make the breast forms.” She added that the products they make are really just designed to hold up the breast forms and nothing more. “It was scaffolding.”

Donlon said that through focus groups across the UK and Ireland, the target market told her what they wanted and she made sure to put that at the centre of the design.


Words by Jenny Darmody