We visited the Dublin office of Citi to find out more about its Innovation Lab and why diversity is important for the company’s work there.

We recently took a trip to Citi’s Dublin office at North Wall Quay, where the first of the company’s six global Innovation Labs was established a decade ago.

As some of its team members explained to us, diversity is important at the company because each day involves “doing a huge variety of things” to help clients in different countries and sectors.

We spoke to Citibank Europe’s chief information officer, Claire Chung, the Innovation Lab’s emerging technology development lead, Prag Sharma, and blockchain engineer Amber Higgins to get some insights into what working at the organisation is really like.

“We have a distributed systems expert, we have Java developers, we have business analysts, agile programme managers,” Sharma said. “So we have a lot of different skillsets that are needed to make innovation happen.”


Words by Lisa Ardill