We spoke to some of the team members at Citi and its Innovation Lab in Dublin about the work they’re doing and opportunities in the company.

Before Covid-19 restrictions were introduced, we visited the Citi Innovation Lab in Dublin’s city centre to talk to the team about opportunities at the company.

Emerging technology development lead at the Innovation Lab, Prag Sharma, discussed the global opportunities available to employees at Citi. This extends to graduates, who join a rotational programme and can “get that wide experience that a large bank like Citi can offer”.

Amber Higgins, a blockchain engineer at the Innovation Lab, said that she enjoys working on innovations that may have global impact and reach. “We work on problems that have never been worked on before, with some of the leading individuals across any industry,” she added.

Finally, Claire Chung, CIO of Citi Europe, told us about her experiences during her 17-year career with the company and how flexibility has helped in her role.


Words by Lisa Ardill