Aon’s global privacy tech director said leaders can no longer ignore cybersecurity and believe that ‘the security guys have got this covered’.

The cybersecurity landscape has been constantly changing over the years. But the last two years in particular have seen a lot of turbulence, putting security at the top of many business agendas.

At the Analytics Summit 2021 in Dublin, caught up with Aon’s global privacy tech director, Tharishni Arumugam, to discuss what leaders need to think about in the security space.

“I think in the early days, the biggest misconception was, ‘the security guys have this covered and we just need to put pressure on them’. But leadership and executives really need to understand, what does cybersecurity mean? What kinds of data breaches exist [and] the different types of responses that are essential to a data breach.”

Arumugam also said there can be other roadblocks to security when it comes to funding. “I think security gets a lot of flak that it costs a lot, but that’s because the bad guys are moving at a really fast pace and are equally motivated by money.”


Words by Jenny Darmody