Want to work in data analytics?

12 Dec 2017

For those looking to work with data, you can learn a lot from Rob Krizman, partner and advisory leader of data and analytics at EY.

It’s an exciting time to go into a career in data analytics but, according to EY’s Rob Krizman, it’s about so much more than the technical knowledge of analytics.

“Don’t make it about the science projects,” he said. “Make it about the value that’s going to be derived by investing your time and energy into analytic outcomes.”

Krizman also spoke about the interesting projects the data analytics team at EY has worked on, including the professional cycling tour.

“EY was involved with actually developing the devices that sat on the back of the bike. There’s a lot of data floating around the bike,” he said.

Words by Jenny Darmody

Connor McKenna
By Connor McKenna

Connor McKenna is a camera operator, editor and head of the AV department at Silicon Republic. Most likely to be heard saying, "Viral videos make me sick."

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