Verne Global’s Dominic Ward told that transparency around reporting could force data centre providers to be more sustainable.

“There’s a huge amount of growth going on in the data centre industry, but it’s very hard to assess how much power, what type of power, and how efficiently the power is being consumed across the industry,” Verne Global CEO Dominic Ward said.

The leader of international data centre provider Verne Global made the comment as part of a wider interview with about the topic of sustainability and data centres.

“One of the things we’ve been advocating at Verne Global for a number of years is a greater focus on sustainability and a greater focus on reporting and transparency around power consumption and efficiency of those data centres.”

Of reporting and transparency, he said: “It’s something that we really need to do as an industry much better, and that can be from both the operators, the developers, the data centre operators themselves as well as the end users.”

Ward believes that the shift towards a more transparent way of reporting will be something that is “peer-pressure led.”

“If one operator can be clear and transparent on its reporting for sustainability and power efficiency and consumption then others can.”


Words by Blathnaid O’Dea