Aidan D’Arcy, director of Virgin Media Business, explains a new internet security product to protect against DDoS attacks.

Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks are rising, with the number of daily attacks reaching tens of thousands.

To protect against these surging attacks, Virgin Media is tapping into its broad data network to analyse the traffic profile of an average day on the internet across Europe and the US, and using this information to signal alarm bells when irregularities are spotted.

“What our DDoS servers can do is identify illegitimate traffic – DDoS threat traffic – and put that to one side and keep business’s internet services operating on a business-as-usual basis,” explained Aidan D’Arcy, director of Virgin Media Business.

This anti-DDoS product from Virgin Media Business is a plug-and-play device that can be set up to protect all connected devices.


Words by Elaine Burke