Intercom’s Des Traynor told the audience at Future Human 2022 about his views on Irish start-ups and European tech trends.

“Forget about the Irish part of your business and think of yourself as a global business.” That’s the advice of Des Traynor, co-founder and chief strategy officer at Intercom.

“Don’t obsess about being popular in the Irish tech scene or thinking about yourself as Irish in any way, shape or form … you’re a global company.”

Traynor was speaking to a live audience at Future Human in May, where he stressed that Irish start-ups have the potential to rake in hundreds of millions in revenue if they focus on the global market.

With three homegrown tech ventures passing the $1bn valuation mark already this year (FlipdishWayflyer and TransferMate), Traynor discussed the changing Irish tech scene and shared insights from his own journey bringing Intercom to where it is today.


Words by Vish Gain