The Digital Hub’s CEO, Gerry Macken, looks back on 2015 and what were the defining moments of a busy year.

The Digital Hub in Dublin managed to achieve quite a lot in the space of a year, with arguably one of its biggest achievements being the successful encouragement of Slack to open an office in its campus back in July.

Having already announced plans to bring 100 jobs over the next two years last year, the company now boasts 2m daily users with much of its future being developed in its Dublin office.

As for The Digital Hub itself, well, it managed to bag itself €5.4m in funding as part of Budget 2016 to give it the ability to encourage more companies to move there, in particular its recently-opened Grainstore building.

Looking back on 2015, Macken says that the opening of this building was a particular highlight for him, personally.

“The exciting thing about [the opening of the Grainstore] was that it was a combination of traditional materials and traditional craftsmanship, merged with modern materials and contemporary design.

“What we have now is an absolutely fantastic building with four storeys and fabulous natural light.”

Words by Colm Gorey