A new batch of digital entrepreneurs has graduated through the Future Creators scheme, with all signs pointing to this being the best year yet for the programme.

“I’d like to work in Google, use technology,” said Emma Byrne of St Patrick’s Cathedral Grammar School after graduating from Future Creators, the Digital Hub’s programme for encouraging children’s participation in the digital world.

Would she have that attitude if she hadn’t just excelled in the course? “Not a chance, not at all,” she laughed, justifying the course’s existence in a few short seconds.

David Cotter, the programme coordinator, talked us through how Future Creators is actually rolled out, with children in the Dublin 8 region dedicating two evenings a week to coding, filmmaking and more from October through to June.

Meanwhile, Digital Hub CEO Gerry Macken lauded the community aspect of the course, noting that it was through interactions with Dublin 8 residents that the idea of Future Creators came up.

“It’s a very good example of us engaging with the local community. You have a triumvirate of the NCAD, the Digital Hub and one of our client companies, H2 Learning,” he said.

Words by Gordon Hunt