Distributed energy systems are the future, predicts Ralf Korntner from Siemens.

Ralf Korntner is a Siemens global expert on distributed energy systems.

While speaking at the Energy Ireland conference at Croke Park in Dublin, he explained that the trend is being driven through uptake by industry, commercial buildings, residential communities, college campuses and rural electrification schemes.

“Distributed energy systems technically means everything small, below 50mW, below 100mW,” Korntner explained.

“The key logic behind this is electricity generated at or near the point of consumption. The logic behind it is to utilise locally available resources like wind, solar, renewables, gas, heat pumps, whatnot, and tailor them to the local demand.

“So, having your own electricity system integrating with the grid but being in your control, behind the meter on your voltage level.”

Words by John Kennedy